About Our Organization

Our Vision

Is to help improve corporate Africa through her People, Performance and Producrivity.

Learning and Development

Workplace Effectiveness, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence for Peak Performance, Sales Excellence programme etc.


To improve Human Performance through: The Psychology of Peak Performance, Personal Mastery, Team Building and Productivity Coaching etc.


To reposition corporate Africa through the ‘Sycamore Advantage’ wherein we help coach and train for a culture of excellence in order to become a global force and maximize Africa’s potential.

Personal and Performance Improvement Coach

Ade.A.Adefemi A.K.A Triple A

Personal and Performance Improvement Coach

Life Coach and Emotions Therapist

Laila St. Matthew Daniels A.K.A Mrs Dee

Life Coach and Emotions Therapist

Life and Peak Performance Coach

Tunji Babajide A.K.A. TJ

Life and Peak Performance Coach

ersonal and Personnel Development Expert

Kunle Pelemo A.K.A. KP

Personal and Personnel Development Expert

Emotional Intelligence Coach and Trainer

Enahoro Okhae

Emotional Intelligence Coach and Trainer

Management and Business Development Expert

Ben Jemirade

Management and Business Development Expert

Personal Finance and Wealth Coach

Omilola Oshikoya

Personal Finance and Wealth Coach

Learning and Development Expert and Trainer

Debo Ajayi

Learning and Development Expert and Trainer

Employee Well-Being Coach

Deji Osasona

Employee Well-Being Coach

Our Promise

Our promise

To Be Your Partners:

Partnerships = Better productivity   

We are committed to helping our clients grow and improve. We are constantly working on how to bring the best out of people (Ours and Yours) and maximize human potential. Therefore we partner with them by giving advice on the best solutions.

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We Are Professionals:

Internationally Certified Team   

We are trained professionals and we handle all our clients no matter who they are, with absolute professionalism. We operate under a strict code of confidentiality for both corporate and individual clients.

Excellence Is Our Goal:

For excellence is a journey never a destination  

We have dedicated our practice to the pursuit of excellence within our organization as well as for our client’s. we are sold out to excellence and we keep striving towards it. .

Performance Must Improve:

We are well aware of our “Raison d’etre”.   

This is why we are in business, to improve performance of staff, people, personnel and teams.People are not just our greatest assets, people’s strengths are. This is why we exist to consistently help you take your performance to the next level.


360 Degrees Managers

360 Degree Managers (₦25,000)

14 Ogbunike Street, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos    9AM -3.30PM; 23rd and 24th MARCH 2016

Work-Life Balance and Time Management, Emotional Intelligence for Managers, Excellence Communication Skills for Managers, 12 Fundamentals of Leadership Science of Execution, The General's Mentality, Personal Discovery and Effective Management.

Personal effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness and Time Management (₦2,500)

14 Oremeta street of Kudirat Abiola way Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos    09:00 AM to 1:00 PM 12th March 2016

Time Management Techniques, Work-Life Balance, Effective Goal getting and Setting, Presonal Discovery and Productivity.

Personal Mastery Class

Online Webminar   8:00 PM to 9:00) PM    Watch Live   

Its Half Time. . .how to review, re-strategize and reset your goals for success in the 2nd Half of 2016

Triple A and Cornel

Online Webminar    8:00 PM to 9PM    Watch Live   

Its Half Time. . .how to review, re-strategize and reset your goals for success in the 2nd Half of 2016.

Our Solutions

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement and Life Coaching.

Using our coaching expertise and Neuro-Linguistic techniques to help our clients achieve their goals, We offer Peak Performance as well as Life coaching in areas of;

  • Workplace Performance
  • Career Development
  • Relationship Success
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Development
  • Providing coaching as an alternative or support tool to training for groups and organizations for improved performance and success.

    Management Training

    Management Development Training.

    With our experienced management and human development trainers, we tailor our facilitation and training solutions for your management development needs. Topics regularly requested and of which we are vast and experienced in are :

  • Psychology of Peak Performance
  • Sales Warrior Strategies
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Relationship
  • Excellent Customer Service Delivery
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Personal Discovery for Peak Performance
  • Team Development and Productivity
  • Branding for Increased Productivity
  • Excellent Presentation Skills
  • The Workplace Warrior
  • Confidence Training for Sales Team
  • Management Communications Consulting

    Management Consulting

    Our Management Consulting solutions are practical and tailored to each of our clients need and help create change at the core of the challenges they face. We provide:

  • Organizational Analysis and Restructuring
  • Charting of Organizational Course
  • Quarterly and Yearly Business Reviews
  • Internal Operational Analysis
  • Culture Change Management
  • Marketing Communications Consulting

    Marketing Communications Consulting

    With our expertise in marketing communications, PH Consulting has designed productive solutions for businesses with sales and marketing communication challenges . We offer solutions in:

  • Performance Evaluation for Sales Team
  • Marketing Communication Planning and Strategy
  • Review and Structuring of Marketing Teams
  • Brand Development Strategies.
  • Contact

    Contact Info.

    We are result–driven in our approach in order to bring practical and measurable solutions in human capital development and performance improvement for our clients both corporate and individual.

    Email: info@phenomenalhouse.com; leadcoach@phenomenalhouse.com;
    Phone: 08034641258; 08182035304
    Website: www.phenomenalhouse.com
    Address: 14 Oremeta street off Kudirat Abiola street Oregun, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

    To register pay to Phenomenal House Consulting 0056421449 DIAMOND BANK, Then send your name to info@phenomenalhouse.com or Call Tomiwa on 08181830698. YOU WILL EXCEL!!!!

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